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Why students and job applicants alike choose College Coacher.

Every year, college application season comes around like clockwork and millions of hopeful students from around the globe apply to one of the few spots at top universities. While grades and test scores are undoubtedly important, your essays are your opportunity to sell yourself and prove why, of all these millions of students, you deserve to receive that acceptance letter. At College Coacher, we work together to ensure that your application exalts you above all others, regardless of whether you're applying to undergraduate school, a graduate program, or a job position.


Our brains are hardwired for story-telling. When information is presented in narrative form as opposed to a list of facts, we are more likely to pay attention, grasp the information, and sympathize with the narrator. For this reason, unlike most consultants, College Coacher takes a narrative-based approach to application writing. By doing this, not only do we capture the attention of the admissions officer or hiring manager who is used to reading basic, bare-boned and boring essays, we put them in the position of the first-person narrator—you. This approach allows us to portray your strengths and experience through a story-like essay that not only intrigues readers, but keeps you at the forefront of their minds when it is time to choose the next freshman class.

College Students

"If it weren't for Beatriz's extraordinary writing skills and knowledge of the college application system, I don't believe I would be where I am today.

Her close attention to detail and ability to capture the audience's attention with her writing made me feel extremely confident in the essay that I was submitting."


Video Editing

“Beatriz transformed my essay into everything I wanted to say but didn't know how to express. All of the essays she helped me with gained so much more depth. She helped me get into so many schools and encouraged me to find my voice."


Woman on Phone

"Beatriz video-called me for hours to carefully compose my resume. She was extremely helpful and attentive, making sure to include me in every step of the process. She showed me a variety of templates that she could build my resume on, and gave advice on which would be more appropriate to the job I was applying to, and helped me choose a color scheme. Not only did she design my resume, but also corrected all of my grammar mistakes and helped me rephrase a lot of the contents in my resume. She was careful to listen to everything that I wanted and made sure to deliver exactly that. Would recommend 11/10!"


Student Writing
Reviewing for the Exam

"I had no idea how much my essay could improve before I asked Beatriz for help. She made sure my essay truly expressed who I was, and, thanks to her, I was accepted to my dream school, UCLA."


Personalized Approach

It is easy to find an application essay template online and fit your narrative into it. Unfortunately, this approach is what will prevent your essay from being unique and helping you stand out among the tens of thousands of other applicants. At College Coacher, we make sure that the essay fits you and not the other way around. We boast a thorough interview process, personalized worksheets, and attentive consultations where we work together to ensure that your application best shows your personality, voice and story. Each applicant—and each applicant’s essays—are unique, and thus every single one deserves its own structure and style. Our job is to help you write an application that is personalized enough to set you apart, while still conforming to application prompts and admissions guidelines.

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About Our Founder

Beatriz is an experienced writer and graphic designer, who has helped people write application essays of all kinds for over five years. English is her first language, and she speaks both Portuguese and Spanish fluently.

After pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Narrative Studies at the University of Southern California, she decided to open her own small business geared towards helping students apply to universities—both undergraduate and graduate—as well as jobs. 

She is also the founder of a small graphic design business, The Book Outfitter, that focuses on designs for book covers and interiors. 

In her free time, Beatriz enjoys creative writing, reading, traveling, and meeting new people. She identifies as a life-long learner, and is tenacious when it comes to getting to the heart of any narrative—be it a novel or one of her many client's life stories.

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